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Free or Reduced Cost Meals

The Federal Government has provided funds through the State of Connecticut to provide breakfast free of charge to all students for the entire school year. In addition, all of those students eligible for reduced priced lunch meals will now receive meals free of charge for the entire school year. All those not eligible for free or reduced meals will need to pay full price. 

Box Tops

Remember to scan in your Box Tops with the app or send them into school! We earn valuable fundraising dollars through this program. 


What is System-Wide Parent-Teacher Advisory Council (PTAC)?

We are parents and teachers who advise the principal on all school matters except personnel performance.

For more information and to get involved, please visit:

Special Ed PTAC focuses on system-wide issues that pertain specifically to the Special Education Program. To get involved, please contact Special Education Director, Aimee Turner at aturner@wallingfordschools.org

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